Benefit more

Yes, more features are a great thing, but knowing the essentials will help you soar.


Hold more meaningful meetings. Know what everyone has coming up and what they've worked on recently. Track projects incrementally, or overview your team's most pressing tasks. Bump & notify someone accordingly.


Nothing to import through a 3rd party. Studio Manager™ gives you the power to know your company's health at any given time. Learn which projects are more profitable and which clients are losing you money.

Project Templates

No more re-typing standard procedures. For mindless recurring tasks, you can set templates which you can turn into a project with a click of button. Order tasks by priority.

Set limits

At times, not everyone needs to be part of the big picture. Permission levels allow you to invite anyone and set exactly what you'd like them to see.

Onboarding your team

Studio Manager™ is easy to learn (you'll notice, once you register). Your team will never bug you with how to use it. Everything is served on a silver platter.


Know how far ahead (or behind) you are with your projects. Finish on time and profit as you've planned.

Touching the surface

These benefits are only scraping the tiny little luster of the iceberg. There's more below the water. Contact us about any questions you may run across. We're here to help.

Studio Manager™ is a versatile online solution that helps companies stay organized

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