Who is Goodwerp INC

We are a privately owned software studio that makes software for creative business professionals.

Goodwerp INC

Prior to starting Goodwerp INC, we were part of creative agencies, design studios, and even owned a web development studio ourselves.

Since our start in 2013, we have been featured among major publications (Forbes, The Economist, NPR) and we have been consistently praised by our clients.

Val Sopi

Val Sopi, founder

Goodwerp INC founder, Val Sopi, is in charge of client happiness and makes sure no ticket goes un-answered.

"We hold no titles around here. We all have one core responsibility: to help our client run their business better. We do this by making online tools that solve real problems.

There are two reasons to my inspiration with Goodwerp INC. First and foremost, since childhood, I've been mesmerized with building things with code, and second, I love helping creative business owners better run their day-to-day operations, a hat I've worn happily for many years.

Owning and running a creative business is not an easy task. We're here to make it easier for you to become a success story.

My goal is to inspire you and your team to perform better."

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Studio Manager™

Studio Manager™ is a single solution that helps tackle all needs of a creative business. Yes, it can definitely be used by other consultancies, however our core focus is in helping creative individuals who run their own business or are in charge of a creative department within a larger organization.

Our Aspirations

We strive to make our software the most practical solution out there. A go-to tool for anyone who is tired of messy operations and wants clarity for a change.

Studio Manager™ is a simple tool that keeps everyone in the team accountable. Nothing goes un-noticed, everything gets done.

In years to come, we want to lead by constantly improving our offering, in terms of code and design, and constantly learn our clients' pains so we can solve them better.

Studio Manager™ is a versatile online solution that helps companies stay organized

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