Monthly payments

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Well, almost.

3 Projects


+10 Projects


+20 Projects


Unlimited Projects


How many other users can I work with?

You can work with as many users as you want. Goodwerp Simple is a user-based account. Each user is the owner of their very own account where everyone is starting and sharing projects with everyone else in the world.

What happens once I pay?

If you choose the "+20 Projects" monthly subscription, you may run a total of 23 active shared/private projects. Notice that every package ads up on top of the 3 forever-free active projects you start with.

Why do you charge?

We are a small private company without any outside investments. Everything you see here and inside our app is hand-coded and designed by us, for you. There is not any outside or borrowed code. Also, we strongly believe we are creating something truly special for millions of productive professionals worldwide such as yourself. We think you would agree that this effort and excellence must be rewarded. With every bit of money we make, we pay the hard-working people who make Simple possible as well as reinvest every bit of our revenue to improve Simple even further.

So, why the free version?

We know some users can't afford some necessities and we want to make Simple accessible to all. Others who are doing quite good, pay us from the get-go.

Does everyone on my team have to pay?

Nope. Usually the project leader, or owner of the company, pays monthlies and creates/shares their projects with everyone else. Invited people can work on an unlimited number of shared projects. You only pay for the projects you own.

Can I cancel anytime?

You sure can. There are no long-term commitments. If you choose to downgrade/upgrade midway through your month, the remainder of days will be prorated on your next invoice. If you choose to stop your payments, your limits will be available until the end of the month. You may still continue using your 3 forever-free active projects for as long as you want.

What's an "active" project?

An active project is any project you are currently running. Active projects count towards your limits. You may play the game of constantly activating/archiving projects, thus never crossing the limit and not having to pay us a dime. You wont be penalized. But, if you do get true value from Goodwerp Simple and the app is helping you better run your day, we believe we deserve a reward in the form of a monthly payment, which starts for as low as $10/month (less than 34 Cents per day). This makes a world of difference to our development and design.

Do archived projects count towards my limit?

Nope. You may run a gazillion archived projects and they will never count towards your active projects.

How secure is my credit-card

We utilize Stripe to process all payments. No credit-card data is kept on our servers and we have no details whatsoever of your account. Furthermore, we are a US based company registered in the State of Delaware as a C-Corp.

Are you guys human?

Yes, if you'd like.