Simple Pricing

Upon registration you receive 3 forever-free projects. Any paid plan you choose will add upon these 3 Free projects you are running.

Plus 3

3 Projects


Plus 10

+10 Projects


Plus 20

+20 Projects


Plus Max

Unlimited Projects


Become a Simple User

Do I need a credit-card to register?

You don't need a credit-card to start using Goodwerp. Once you exceed your limits and decide to upgrade, you may use any major credit-card.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. You may upgrade and downgrade your account anytime. Your unused days will be prorated on your following month's invoice.

Do you provide training?

Goodwerp Simple is one of the easiest & "snappiest" platforms to learn. Users report the quickest learning curve. If you still need our help, you can contact us and we'll come to the rescue.

Attentive Customer Care

If you need help with getting used to Goodwerp, contact us via our built-in Support or Email us at We're here to help.