What is SIMPLE?

Goodwerp Simple puts you in charge.

Simple is yours

Goodwerp Simple is a user-centric project & task management tool. Unlike other tools, it revolves around You. What this means is that you are the sole owner of your account. You may run your very own private projects or share them with anyone in the world.

Just like an Email account, SIMPLE is always yours.

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A real-life example

In other tools, you are always having trouble involving everyone and dealing with unclear permission levels. No one wants to join yet another software. In addition, other users are always part of someone else's company, thus having trouble collaborating with others independently or managing their own projects, without having to open up a new account.

In Simple, we have completely avoided this roadblock by giving each user their very own everlasting account through which they can work on their own projects, as well as those shared with them.

This way, everyone is in charge of their "productive destiny", as far as SIMPLE goes.

Tasks in Goodwerp Simple
Inviting people in Goodwerp Simple

How it works

Goodwerp SIMPLE is, well, simple!

  1. You start a new project
  2. Invite someone in your project via their Email address
  3. You start working together


  • They can run their own projects, and
  • Invite others (and you) in their projects

Everyone is interconnected and accessible in the vast network of SIMPLE users.

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Goodwerp Simple features the essential tools to help you stay organized professionally and personally. SIMPLE, and all it represents today, came to be after 2 years of research based on thousands of users, across the globe, on our previous builds.

There is nothing to install and everything is obvious, right from the start.

pushState and real-time access

All you need to run Goodwerp Simple, is an Internet connection and a browser (Chrome preferably). Everything else is a breeze. Our good friend, Justin Jackson, went as far ahead to call SIMPLE "snappy" because of its interface quickness and clarity.

By utilizing the HTML5 'pushState' feature we have streamlined the navigation from page-to-page without having to reload everytime you surf to another section of Simple. What this does is make everything run faster (all scripts are loaded once) and give the application the feel of being internet-independent.

Everything happens in real-time.

Private and shared projects

In Goodwerp SIMPLE you have access to 2 different types of projects. Those created by you, in which you are the sole owner, and projects in which you are invited to participate. Your projects are always counted towards the limit of projects you can run, while you may partake in unlimited projects shared with you.

You may be a part of dozens of projects and interact with people from around the world.

Assign Tasks & Set dates

In SIMPLE you can rapidly create new tasks by hitting Enter after each new task. You can always jump from task to task by simply hitting the Tab key on your keyboard. Clicking away from an edited task will save it without having to hit Enter. You can even add new tasks mid-way on any of your lists. In addition you can set dates on each task, which will send the assignee a real-time notification about their delegated task.

Quick flow and ease of use are paramount functionalities in SIMPLE.

Invite others with a single Email

Sharing projects with others is a breeze. Through a single-email you can invite anyone and start assigning them tasks, way before they register their new account. This way, once they create their account, their new tasks will be waiting for them. You may add/remove others from your projects through a single click.

Someone else may already hold a SIMPLE account, which makes your interaction with them even faster.

Comments & Attachments

You can always extend your conversation about a given task when more detail is required. Anyone involved on a task (Creator, assigner, owner of the task) will receive a real-time notification about the new comment or attachment on their task.

In Simple, you're always in the know and nothing is ever lost.

Real-time notifications

In Goodwerp Simple, you are always notified when someone interacts with any of your tasks. Within 10-second intervals you receive a notification if someone assigns you a task, sets a date on your task, comments on it, attaches a file, or even 'bumps' you on a task, which in addition to triggering a real-time notification, will send you an Email as well.

Project and comment notifications help you stay in-the-know about everything going on with your tasks.

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Praise from others

SIMPLE has proven to be a great fit for small firms and individuals. Although, in theory it could work for larger teams, our current clients tend to fall in between teams up to 30 people. Below are some of our current clients, expressing their gratitude.

Max productivity!

Goodwerp Simple has reigned supreme for our task management solution. The feature set has everything we need for max productivity without the fluff. They've done a great job on the interface keeping everything streamlined for a diverse group of users.

Marshall Matheson, CEO WTWH Media, (Cleveland, OH, USA)

Cutting edge!

Goodwerp Simple has made our project management a cinch. Other software just wasn't cutting it. Now we can keep track of all project discussions and even track efficiency on a project basis. Plus, the interface is sleek, making for a quick learning curve. What more could you want?

Lauren Pawell, Founder & Owner, Bixa Media, (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

Really amazing!

What the Goodwerp team has accomplished is really amazing. They've built an application that rivals what others have produced. They identified a unique need, and executed on it perfectly.

Justin Jackson, JustinJackson.ca, (Vernon, BC, Canada)

Visually pleasing!

I have always been struggling with finding a collaborative platform where my team would actually use, and we found it with Goodwerp Simple. It is visually pleasant, easy to learn and most importantly increases our overall productivity.

Yuling Tan, Universum Global, (Shanghai, China)

Team approved!

After trying just about everything available... Basecamp, Trello, Wrike, Asana, 10000ft and many others... Goodwerp SIMPLE was the one that got most approval from all team members.

Sakari Kyro, Useful, France

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Roadmap ahead

Goodwerp SIMPLE has been +2 years in the making. During this time we have launched various scenarios, which in retrospect has led us into making Simple what it is today.

Since those early days, our new adopted motto has been: "Less features, more flow."


Although we are currently solely focused on refining the web-based version, the plans ahead require for us to provide our users with native mobile applications where they can run Goodwerp SIMPLE.


Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive are our current integrations. The roadmap ahead includes integrations with popular calendars, mobile and desktop alike.


Having our own API will give other developers and applications the ability to interact with Goodwerp Simple and thus farther extend its use among our clients.

Public Projects

Soon you'll be able to run public projects, which can be seen by anyone. Likewise, other Simple users can request to participate in those projects. Public projects, will always be free and will never count towards any limits.

Other Features

Our goal is to stay lean. Few micro-features, which we believe will increase Simple's value will soon make it to the live version. One of these micro-features is the "tags" approach, which will give our user the ability to mark each task based on a custom tag created by them.

Our Promise

Our promise is to keep everything simple. Possibilities in the web are endless and usually we are presented with various temptations to try a new technology or add a new feature.

Just because something is possible, it doesn't mean it should be done.

Staying true to our simple approach and adding helpers along the way, will mark our way forward.

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