A few important notes

Goodwerp Simple is unique in its approach
Knowing its benefits will help you make the best of it

Everyone is an account holder

Each Simple account-holder can view projects they own (orange) and those shared with them (light blue). In the example below: Ryan has started Projects 1 & 2 while is a part of Projects 5 & 4, owned by Kuik and Yana, respectively. Mili's Project 6 is private and she's not sharing it with anyone.

A vast network

Once you create your Simple account and invite others to work in your project, you are simply sharing that specific project with them. You are not inviting them to become a part of your company, as in other productivity software.

Once they register, they can create projects and share them with anyone they choose, without having you in their projects, if they choose. In other words: The only thing you will have in common is that project you both are a part of.

Desktop and laptop only

Goodwerp simple is geared towards people who do their work while sitting at their desks. We are believers of taking more time off and not working when you're away vacationing. Work should be done at work.

Technically speaking, we're focused on making Simple the best it can be on a single platform, before jumping to smart hand-held devices.

Pay as you go

In Simple you only pay for projects you start (orange) and never for projects you are invited in by others (light blue). In other words: Your team will never pay for any of the projects you share with them.

Also, your account comes with 3 Forever-free active projects and you may archive as many as you want. Any upgrade you choose will add upon your initial 3 projects.

The human factor

As with any software, we (as intelligent humans) are a key feature to the overall well-being of the application. Goodwerp Simple does a few things incredibly well on keeping everyone on the team notified about what needs to get done. To have it fully serve you as it should, you must encourage your team to keep Goodwerp Simple open in their browsers while at work. This will reassure you that everything gets done as planned and is key to Goodwerp Simple successfully helping you achieve your goals