Simple Tips & Tricks

Access your projects & tasks from a single page
Keep everyone informed about what needs to get done

In Simple you can...

Manage projects, delegate tasks, set due-dates, and categorize with tags.

How would I do that?

You start a new project and decide who you want to work with. By assigning tasks you will auto-magically inform everyone in real-time about what needs to get done.

You can also...

Comment on tasks, attach files, create lists, monitor most-recently completed tasks, filter tasks with color-coded tags, and much more...

What's its purpose?

Simple's goal is to help you work better and notify your team in real-time about what needs to get done. Its single-page approach, gives you the ability to access each project quickly and delegate tasks with ease.

What makes it different?

What sets Simple apart from other online solutions is its focus on keeping everyone informed via Email and in-app notification system — reassuring you that everyone in your team knows about what needs to get done.

A single-page navigation system helps you be on top of everything

How do I keep everyone informed?

Once you assign a task, your team member will receive a real-time notification within the app. Likewise, on top of each hour they will receive an Email with the latest tasks assigned to them, if any. You, on the other hand, will receive an Email with the list of the most-recently completed tasks.

A pixel-perfect user experience

Retina-ready user-interface and pixel-perfect arrangement of elements makes Simple a pleasure to work with on daily basis.

Your role

You, as a Simple user, are a big part of Simple's success in helping you manage your projects and teams. There are a few things you can do to win the day:

Always delegate tasks (even to yourself)
Delegated tasks are completed at the rate of 89%

Set a due-date on each task
Tasks with dates get completed 92% of the time

Categorize with tags
Tags help you categorize workflow processes and clarify intentions

Run bite-sized projects
Breakdown bigger projects into smaller ones for clarity

Your own boss

Each Simple user is the king of their account, just like Email. When you share a project with someone, you are only inviting them in that particular project. They are not a part of your company in Simple. Projects are private by default. You decide who you want to share them with.

At your assistance

Goodwerp Simple is super-easy to conquer. However, we're always here to hold your hand if you get stuck anywhere along your path to success.

For assistance, contact us through the in-app Support section or via Email at