Less Frustration. More Action.

Goodwerp helps your team stay in sync with one another.


Quickly assign tasks

  • Rapidly create new tasks
  • Delegate tasks to your team-members
  • Set due-dates on tasks


Recent activities

View everyone’s activity across the board

  • Completed tasks in Projects
  • Most recent activity
  • Re-delegate unfinished tasks


Comments & Discussions

Discuss details with your team-members and elaborate more on a specific task.


Permission Levels

Set access rules for each team member

  • Admin powers
  • Staff access
  • Outside consultants
  • Clients



Create several things at once

  • Invite people as you’re creating a new project
  • Add new clients on the “New project” modal
  • Create categories, taxes, items


Share files

Attach and share important files on a specific task by integrating Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Goodwerp native files.


Real-time notifications

Receive real-time notifications for the most recent activities & comments in projects and tasks you are involved in.


Project templates

Create templates for repeat projects of the similar nature.


Rapidly create sub-tasks and add minute details to a task.

Transfer lists

Transfer lists to another project by a simple drag & drop.

Transfer tasks

Transfer tasks to another project or other team-members.

Merge projects

Merge and transfer everything within projects.

Search everything

Search and access everything belonging to projects.

Project progress

Gain real-time insights of all your projects' progress.

Hourly rates

Set global and per-project hourly rates for your staff.

Task history

Keep track of everything that happens within a task.

Hourly digests

Receive hourly email updates about your new tasks.

Daily digests

Receive daily emails for all of yesterday's activities.

Project quick-access

Quickly switch between projects and manage activities.

Time-tracking reports

Track-time for each project and receive stats and reports.

Print tasks

Print various section of Goodwerp in PDF format.

My tasks

Review tasks belonging to you in all projects.

Company overview

Overview your entire company's actual and recent activity.

Customize projects

Customize and modify sections within a single project.

Project restrictions

Share or restrict client access on projects and specific lists.

Easy upgrades

Upgrade/downgrade your account with prorated charges.

Customer happiness

Receive feedback and support directly from Goodwerp staff.

Built-in integrations

You can have it all in Goodwerp with add-ons & built-in apps.