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What in the world is Studio Manager™?

Written by Val Sopi on Tuesday, July 12, 2016


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Studio Manager™ gives you valuable feedback on how your company is performing at any given time.

It does this from the data you enter while managing your projects, assigning & completing tasks, invoicing your clients, adding expenses on project basis, recording the time of your payments, and tracking your time on each project, among other things.

This valuable feedback, we so highly speak of, includes, but is not limited to:

  • Project progress: How far ahead are you to getting done with your project?
  • Everyone’s latest activity: What is everyone working on? (Even your clients, without having to waste time on online/offline meetings)
  • Project profitability: Which projects are profiting you the most?
  • Company performance: Is your company meeting its monthly/yearly goals?

Through these data you can:

  1. Reward: Give-back and inspire best performers in your team
  2. Move on: Part ways with clients who are causing your headaches (and potentially wasting your money & time)
  3. Optimize: Optimize your company’s time on projects
  4. Succeed: Have a peace of mind while your company runs smoother, even when you’re out on vacation


If you’re a current Studio Manager™ client, we appreciate your being a part of our goal to improve the lives of so many creative-business owners out there.

If you haven’t registered already, we encourage you to Start using Studio Manager™ and reap the benefits of an organized lifestyle while running your successful business.

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