Upgrade: Announcing Chat Functionality within Project Management

Goodwerp is the only project management software where chat functionality is present within the global view, without third-party integrations.

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The first and biggest upgrade to Goodwerp comes in the form of a Chat Functionality.

Initially, Goodwerp started out with the Status Updates feature, where users within the company could post and comment on statuses, in real-time. However, after the launch we had noticed that in a fast-paced environment, such as ours, no one really had any time to socialize while working — which the status page was suggesting, based on its design and placement within the platform.

We had to change this. What we did instead, was transform the Status Updates’ functionality into a global Chat module.

Chat and Socialize with Crew Members in Goodwerp

What Chat offers is the best of both worlds: team-members can ask quick questions about something they’re working on, while leveraging the chat space to make quick decisions. Also, Chat presented us with a wide array of ideas for future integrations, which we’re currently working on.

Chat and Discussion in Goodwerp in real-time

Chat is available at a click of a button to anyone belonging to the Management + Crew permission level.


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