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The Importance of Clarity

Written by Val Sopi on Thursday, March 26, 2015

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If you are working as a creative, from time to time, you will find yourself arm wrestling your best clients.

Usually these quarrels and arguments come down to misconceptions along the way as a result of miss-communication at some point during the progression of a project.

When working with repeat clients, it’s easy to get comfortable and “think” that you have understood what was conveyed, when in reality the opposite is true.

You can never over communicate enough. Even after a long Skype meeting you have to jot down what was said and who said it, as clearly as you possibly can, with the shortest sentences possible.

Yes, it’s hard after a 2-hour meeting to set aside another 15-minutes and remember everything that was said, but you’ll save yourself hours and hours of headaches.

Also, sending your client an Email right after the meeting gives you a chance to correct your understanding of what was said.

Usually, taking notes during a Skype meeting is best done if you actually write key pointers with pen and paper. Using your keyboard to actually write the notes you’ll be sending out to your client may feel as a time saver, but the “clicking” is plain annoying to the other party who can clearly hear you on the other end of the connection.

In addition, using pen and paper, gives you a chance to actually draw around your notes and later understand them better than you would few disjointed words on a computer screen.

After the meeting is done, you can shoot your client an Email with everything that was said.

Just recently, I was speaking with a creative person who was doing some work for us and after a semi-professional/casual Skype meeting, he sent me an Email with few critical bullet points of what we spoke about and what’s to be expected next.

I was so impressed. It gave me few pointers on the professional level of the person and it made me feel calm that what we were on the right track.

Your clients are people. They forget too, and usually have bigger teams behind them who are constantly influencing their judgment. It’s best to stay on track by constantly writing things down and sharing them with a simple Email after every meeting.

Taking notes and conveying them across clearly is the difference between working extra-hours without getting paid and happily finishing on time.

What is your experience like? Have you ever found yourself being asked something you never agreed to do?

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