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Sticking Together To The End With a Client

Written by Val Sopi on Thursday, July 14, 2016


Photo by Max Nass

I’ve literally seen a client and a fellow colleague developer fist-fight when out Friday night celebrating a weeklong workshop.

It was all over, we thought. There’s no way they could continue together.

The client would have had to find a new development company, midway, to finish their already delayed project.

My colleague would have lost tens of thousands of dollars in monthly retainers. Probably their most profitable project to date.

They called each other in the morning and apologized saying they overreacted

They’re not in speaking terms. They have hired a middle-man to be a project manager.

They’re sticking together to finish the project. 

They are both in love with the project.

They are not pleasing one another. They are pleasing the project.

And its looking great.

What is your story?

Have you or someone you know #stucktogether with a client no matter what the circumstances?

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