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How We Manage to Ship New Features & Improvements Quickly

Written by Val Sopi on Friday, September 13, 2013

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Goodwerp is build on the CodeIgniter framework. We’ve customized it in a way that allows for quick manipulations. This way, our internal requests and user feedback is quickly taken into consideration, planned, and executed accordingly, based on our core priorities.

We have the 9–5 regular schedule which we try to respect depending on the day & season. We don’t count the days each member takes off for relaxation, because what we do is quite energy-consuming and we all need the leeway to help our brain-cells rejuvenate. Everyone who is hired to work on Goodwerp is expected to provide more value than the traditional man-hours, however from time-to-time you’ll see us clicking away towards the early evening. In other words, we could be working remotely and deliver, but the energy we get from our constant evaluations within the crew is what keeps us agile and moving fast. Our inspiration is our team.

On the front of our engineering, we’ve implemented HTML, CSS, and jQuery in such a way that it will serve our needs in the future. Their modular integrations allow for any new team-members to quickly fit-in in our workflow.

We’re strict about quality, however to reach that immense characteristic we allow ourselves to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Few things we constantly do to improve our productivity

  • Each morning we discuss important milestones for the day, and we plans our steps towards execution
  • We usually go on biweekly sprints with one general/evaluating week in between
  • We divide our year in 4-month increments (for some odd reason number 4 has been following us since start)
  • Each day we squash bugs and improve incrementally
  • Each Monday/Tuesday we release major upgrades (backend mostly)
  • We’re constantly teaming up with one-another based on our strengths/weaknesses
  • We’re super selective of who we bring on-board

On a personal level, I do not check my Email at all while at work. Not that I’m very strict about it, it just happens that I don’t need to. Even if I do check it, I stray away from replying as it will take me away from whatever I’m doing at the moment. I usually check Emails on my iPhone whenever at home — early in the morning or late at night. This one bit of information is very important to our non-existent hierarchy at the office. I’m the CEO (on paper) and still manage to get my hands dirty with the product. Our delegation culture is equally spread within the office, which allows us to quickly make solid independent decisions based on our goals and be in tune with what we’re building.

On a lighter note, our $20 speakers shoot constant tunes from 8tracks. We don’t have many people visiting over — beside our consultants — and our take-away lunches usually take place in our 50m2 office. Email with one-another is virtually non-existent as we manage Goodwerp within Goodwerp.

There are few things we can tweak to help our productivity, but without those we’re afraid there wont be any room for happy accidents.


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