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Securing your data

Written by Val Sopi on Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our steps to secure your presence in Studio Manager™ go beyond general requirements. From staffing procedures, coding protocols, domain security, and all the way to physical protection of our data centers — we go far and beyond to ensure that your experience in Studio Manager™ is safe and sound. (website/app) uses the highest level of authentication and is encrypted with a 256-bit Extended Validation SSL Certificate. The EV SSL Certificate ensures that all your data is encrypted while you are using Goodwerp made applications. It’s the same high-security measure Banks and e-commerce websites use worldwide. We are certified by DigiCert, Inc. with the same certificates used by PayPal, The New York Times, NASA, HSBC, Harvard, IBM, Intel, Yahoo, and more.

Online subscription payments

Subscription payments in Studio Manager™ are completed in partnership with Stripe, Inc. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. Also, Goodwerp and Stripe websites share the same SSL Certificate Provider, DigiCert, Inc. from above.

Protecting your data

On top of data encryption via EV SSL, Goodwerp servers are supported by redundancy, bio-metric access controls, physical protection, and surveillance, to ensure that your data is protected while hosted in highly secured facilities.

Security is a partnership

Security is a responsibility shared by both parties, you and Goodwerp INC. To comply with the highest levels of security we must adhere to safety procedures that safeguard our presence on the web, which entails the simple act of password protection and logout sessions. These procedures ensure that even if you use Goodwerp software on public computers, your data is safe and you’re the only one with an access key to your Goodwerp software account.

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