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Please, Recharge your Batteries

Written by Tyler Wetzel on Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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We’ve all been there. You’ve decided to go out on a Sunday night knowing full well that you have to work in the morning. Maybe it’s a hot date or you’re just dying to see that premiere. Whatever it may be, you head out at an unseemly hour and disappear into the night. Despite your best efforts you come home a wreck, and sink into your couch. As you slip into darkness you briefly wonder, “Why? Why did I do this when I have to work in the morning!”.

Don’t fear! I have a solution for you. No, it’s not my homemade brew for hangovers or my magical solution to poison ivy. Even those are worth a blog themselves, but I digress.

To be blunt. Get more sleep. You should be averaging at least seven to eight hours a night. Sleep is by far the best defense against fatigue and a cloudy mind, but unfortunately you already screwed the pouch on that one. Moreover, we live in the age of computers and that’s just downright impossible for most of us. Now you must try new measures.

Working out

Get Physical

Besides being a design junkie, I am an fitness enthusiast. The human body is a marvel in itself and our reliance on being active individuals is closely linked not only to our physical health but also to our creative side as well.

I don’t always work out, but when I do I choose weight training. When the body builds muscle it naturally releases serotonin into the blood stream. The stress of the day fades into the background as you pump out those final sets. It’s my release. After a good burn my blood is flowing and my brain is active.

So be it sports, running or anything physical, just make it happen. My advice: take a break from the monotony and stay active. Your brain will thank you later.

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