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Quora roundup: Small Business

Written by Val Sopi on Monday, October 27, 2014

Germ seed

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Quora is loaded with some of the best answers, which sometimes come straight out of the founders/owners of some of them companies we love. Below are some of the finds from this week’s Quora Roundup on Goodwerp.

Starting a business with $2

Given 30-days and $2 investment, how would anyone in the world start a profitable business on a $2 starting capital? David R. Strachan, gives a detailed answer on how you can make $504.70 profit by maximizing your $2 seed investment.

Also, you must read some of the comments to David’s answer as they yield some interesting answers, such as this one.

Sales 101

“To excel in sales, you need to be hyper-competitive.” — this comes straight from Steli, who answers the questions on “How do you become really good at sales?”

Some of the gems found in his answer are:

  • Care intensely about your customers.
  • Believe in what you sell…
  • Always have at least one leg outside your comfort zone.
  • ...Years, not months…

He also quotes Winston Churchill, which is by far one my favorite quotes on improvement.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

How to run a successful coffee shop?

And lastly, if you share my dream of one-day owning a coffee shop, this answer is for you. Peter Baskerville gives out secrets to running a successful coffee shop, with one of the obvious secrets being that you have to “Consistently serve the finest espresso”.

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