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Homer Simpson, Profits, and Tennis

Written by Goodwerp on Friday, July 25, 2014

Piet Mondrian + Homer Simpson

Two designers, Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich, used Piet Mondrian and Homer Simpson as an inspiration for creating the most incredible bottles of wine you’ve ever seen. Check out the entire collection at Fubiz.
Homer Simpson and Piet Mondrian

“I’ve had it” moment

Matt Griffin, founder at Bearded, shares his “I’ve had it!” moment and explains how he’s turning things around for his business. This incredible breakdown should inspire you into modeling a business that focuses on profits and sustainability while continuing to dish out incredible services to clients. Read more about Being Profitable via A List Apart.

[video] How to become a better listener

Imagine you are speaking to someone and only 10% of what you said was heard and hopefully understood. Now that was the truth way back in 1987. Researcher are estimating that the 10% is actually lower nowadays due to distractions from our technology-addictive lifestyles. Find out more on how you can become a better listener via the Wall Street Journal.

Against all-odds

...and for a little bit more fun, this is what it means to hang in there even when your team-mate cannot continue the game.

More where this came from can be found at SB Nation.

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