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Written by Val Sopi on Friday, October 31, 2014

Bear Halloween Mask

Photo by Wintercroft

This Halloween (today that is), ditch your plans to buy that perfect Ninja Turtles getup. Rather, point your browser to Wintercroft for state-of-the-art masks you can put together yourself with some glue and X-acto knife. Each mask comes with guidelines on how to put them together.

Girl with a Halloween mask
Girl with a tiger Halloween mask

By the way, Wintercroft is one of those awesome places you probably had no idea existed. The joint is run by Steve Wintercroft and they make amazing things from surfboards to furniture and all the way to Halloween masks. Wintercrof Instagram feed is here, make sure you follow.

Guy with a Halloween mask in form of a Skull
Guy with a skull Halloween mask

Here is a quick guide on how to put together a Wintercroft mask:

Also, as an added value, once you are done with your mask, you can throw it out in your recycling bin or reuse it next year. Remember, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to wear a Wintercroft mask to work!

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