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Goodwerp Studio Manager: The Most Versatile Solution for Your Creative Business

Written by Val Sopi on Wednesday, June 01, 2016


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If you are in a leading position or a solo-entrepreneur who serves clients on daily basis, Goodwerp Studio Manager is your best business fixer-upper. It helps you manage your entire operation from a single platform. The platform gives you clarity through precise task-management, real-time feedback, and detailed notifications that help you be in the know of what is a priority. Also, it helps you bill your clients for things you have finalized and delivered.

How can I possibly understand your pain?

I’ve been involved in the creative industry for more than 10 years as a Principal, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Developer, and Project Manager. I’ve witnessed first-hand the ins-and-outs of a creative firm. During my entire career I’ve been around the problems each small business faces, from workflow and clients all the way to staff challenges and pipeline. From colleagues, partners, and friends I’ve heard numerous challenges each creative company faces on daily basis. Based on these pain points and my understanding of the industry, we’ve created Goodwerp INC, which ultimately aims to help companies better solve these issues and move forward to clarity and profitability through meticulously crafted software solutions, such as our main offering: Studio Manager.

Leadership and hierarchy

Clear leadership and open culture is at the helm of Studio Manager. I strongly believe in teams who are in sync with one another and transparent about their daily challenges — teams that cultivate ideas on the go and take full responsibility through personal leadership and flexibility.

Access levels

Studio Manager permission levels are simple. They are made for open cultures, with a hint of privacy control for few delicate times. The infographic below further explains team permission levels. Also, you can read an entire article dedicated to permission levels within Studio Manager.
Permission Levels in Studio Manager

Team dynamics

Studio Manager molds through various managerial styles. The example below offers an overview of a general workflow in a creative firm. In many cases these roles revolve around 3 people. In reality, few agencies have the luxury of sporting a skilled individual for each specific position.

Overall, Studio Manager fits within the working style of the company and doesn’t try to gear the process in a certain direction. Its flexibility and customization allow for superb adaptation.
Team dynamics within Studio manager

Further Customization

Customizations are available within a specific project, where you can choose which sub-modules you want to use.

Customizing modules within a specific project

This customization could be useful if you’re working in an open-ended internal project where milestones, deadlines, and budgets do not matter as much. A specific example would be a Project about your company’s website with ongoing changes throughout the lifetime of your company.


I will only recommend Studio Manager to you, if —

  • You run an agency of many employees (some of our biggest clients have up to 20 people on board)
  • You work together with another staff member or partner. Heck, even if you are an eagle that doesn’t flock, Studio Manager is still perfect for you!
  • You have clients whom you serve diligently and consequently bill those companies for the value you’re creating
  • Studio Manager is even perfect for a startup working on a service or a product. Because of its customization abilities, the platform can be twisted and molded for any possible scenario where someone is trying to get things done and keep accountability.

If you are an active client, we enjoy having you on board! —If you haven’t registered yet, go ahead and become a part of a productive culture shared by many agencies worldwide, brought together by Goodwerp INC.

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