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Goodwerp Sequoia

Written by Val Sopi on Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sequoia trees

Giant Sequoias. Photo by: John Buie.

Why Sequoia code-name?

Sequoia trees are some of the largest trees in the world reaching up to 115m tall and almost 8m in diameter. They are an evergreen tree living up to 1800 years. One interesting fact about Sequoia trees is that they are much dependent on the coastal California fog which keeps the air damp year round. Their strength and protection against insects and other natural threats is what keeps them going for so long. These facts about redwoods are symbolic to our vision ahead: growing steadily for years to come while building the most robust online solution for small businesses around the world.

Botany aside, these are some of the improvements in the Goodwerp Sequoia release.

Our Initial Promise

We started out Goodwerp as a project management solution for small businesses with the promise that with time you will gain various performance data in real-time based on your input. Specifically speaking, we came up with a database architecture that allows comparing various data which help you gain insightful information in real time — from projects you complete, your team’s performance, and all the way to how much cash you will have on hand at the end of the month, visualized beautifully via Google Charts.

Design Improvements

Sequoia release features consistency in design elements which proved to be problematic in our previous versions. To begin with, we changed all internal links and clickable elements to the ocean-blue color. This way the eye can quickly scan what’s clickable and what not. Our previous version was more on the monochromatic end of things with links and buttons being lost in the haze of the overall layout.
Blue links in menu


Another major uplift relies within modals. Now, they are smaller and include the “More/Less Options” Button, which on impact gives the user only the essential fields to start a project, create a list, etc. Sophisticated users can hit the “More Options” button, which will obviously open up, (wait for it)... more options below.
New Project Modal Goodwerp

Custom Elements

Each Goodwerp element is custom made, from check-boxes and all the way to drop-downs. Major browsers already offer their own default elements, however we wanted Goodwerp’s uniqueness to feel the same across the board.
Drop-down menus on Goodwerp

Third-party Storage Vendors

Up to now, Dropbox and Goodwerp Drive were the only options for uploading and sharing files. The new release brings up the much requested Google Drive & the enterprise-level Box.
Google Drive, Dropbox, Box

Finance Section

Goodwerp Sequoia sports the invoice modal in a 900-pixel width which provides enough readable/manipulative space in all desktop/laptop monitors and all the way to their tablet counterparts. This width is optimized for quicker scanning horizontally as well as vertically where one can see more above-the-fold.
Goodwerp Invoice

Financial Reports

One of the benefits of running your company in Goodwerp is the integration between Projects and Finance modules. By having these two major modules under one roof you gain the advantage of receiving real-time data about your company’s performance. Few of the options include reviewing Income by Client/Project, Income by Items you sell to your clients, Categorized expenses, and more. Below is a sample income/expense performance chart beautifully represented via Google Charts:
Google Chart Reports

Invoice Formatting

Invoice formatting options are now brought together under the Formatting section within the Finance module. Few of these options were previously residing in the Company section, which did not make a whole lot of sense. Now, you are able to change your default due-dates, currency, and more — all from one page.
Invoice Formatting

Project Timeline

Project timeline offers a historical view about everything that happened within a project since it was created. Furthermore, the information residing within the Project timeline provides you with crucial intelligence about a given project when addressing your team and clients.
Timeline in Projects

Code & Server Optimization

Improvements mentioned above are only a glimpse of everything that is new in the Sequoia release. A plethora of optimizations were accomplished in code running behind the curtains. Also, servers currently powering Goodwerp are now double the strength with an increase of 100% in available resources.
Goodwerp code

Account Status Stats

In the accounts area you can view the limits on each of the usage parameters and know exactly when your company is outgrowing the current limits.
Account Status on Goodwerp

Parting ways with the Free Version

This release marks the end of our quick rendezvous with the free-version option. When we first launched Goodwerp, we experimented with various trial periods by trying to accommodate to each user in various stages of the adoption process. We felt limited-time trial periods didn’t allow the user enough space to experiment with the software, hence we opened up the flood-gates to the free version by allowing the user to get used to Goodwerp in his time and pace. This decision backfired by attracting an army of users who were looking for a free software and would never upgrade to a paid version. We did not intend this to happen.

While the idea of running a free software may sound attractive, it would never help us grow and continually advance Goodwerp with the latest technologies. Goodwerp, Inc. is a self-funded company without any external investments, which requires a sustainable business model. This approach helps us build the best software for small-businesses around the world. On the other end, having users leverage the free version without upgrading wasn’t fair to our clients who are already paying for the value that Goodwerp offers.

Goodwerp’s Value

Responsibility and accountability are two of the major benefits of Goodwerp. With a plethora of the essential tools within the platform, our clients are able to run an organized business while keeping everyone in their team informed. Transparency and clarity are two values which we at Goodwerp (the company) appreciate the most. We have translated these values to our software, which thousands of companies around the world are finding to be a great fit for their organization.

Current Solution

Upon registration, users register in a limited-time trial which offers full features for a set number of days. Our prices are highly affordable to begin with and provide value to businesses around the globe that already pay a monthly subscription fee to utilize the benefits of Goodwerp.

Existing Free-accounts

For all existing free-accounts, we are resetting the registration date starting from the Sequoia release on July 22, 2014. This trial-period currently allows 30 full-days to further test all new options and decide if Goodwerp is a good fit.

Roadmap ahead

Goodwerp Sequoia was a collaborative improvement between us and our clients who are constantly requesting new features and improvements. Sequoia is a dedication to all our clients who are making Goodwerp the gobal-leader in online business management.

As we are writing this, we are already planning our next release. With that said, we encourage you to write us about how you feel about the latest changes and let us now about any ideas you may have which can help you even more in your day-to-day operations.

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