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Goodwerp Bamboo Release

Written by Val Sopi on Friday, April 25, 2014

Bamboo forest

Photo by Mamoru Masumoto.

On April 21st, 2014, we hit our one-year mark since we started building Goodwerp. Due to this special occasion, we released one of the biggest upgrades to date. We have code-named this release “Bamboo”, or more technically speaking MU#3-2014.

Why Bamboo code-name?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and largest plants in the grass family of Poaceae. Our fast growth is a synonym of this wonderful plant. Looking back at our Goodwerp blog articles, most of our cover images are represented by plants. I’d like to think of these choices as intentional, but the truth is that they were randomly chosen to fill our articles with color and beauty. However, now I’d like to say that we are slowly adopting plants as our representational metaphor. Plants have an everlasting growth by constantly sprouting new plants and continually moving upwards. They represent growth, something we at Goodwerp strive for.

Leaving that explanation aside, lets move on with the details of our Bamboo release.

The Goodwerp Bamboo release features improvements in features, modules, as well as code optimizations that are meant to improve your experience. Below, you’ll find some of the biggest introductions to the platform.

Free accounts

New clients that register their companies on Goodwerp, automatically start using the platform with a free account which they can use for as long as they want. We have removed our timed-trials, because our clients, upon registering their company on Goodwerp, may be in various stages of adoption and some may not be ready to start using and upgrading within our present time-limit.

The Free account, just like all other monthly subscription-plans on Goodwerp, impose few limitations which can be overcome by upgrading and adding more resources. The main idea behind our Free trial is to offer all new users a timeless chance to trial all Goodwerp benefits before deciding if the platform is a great fit for their company. Pricing plans remain the same, with the exception of the Personal plan which now has become free.

Goodwerp now accepts all major credit-cards and PayPal as well. Our payments are processed by the most trusted and world reknown They are our partners in processing all our subscription plans.

Free Plan on Goodwerp
Free-plan and other monthly subscription details within Goodwerp


The long awaited Search feature is finally here. Growing companies with numerous projects. needed a better way to search for their Projects and elements within those entities. The new search feature can provide detailed information by searching in the following sections:

  • Projects & Deals
  • Tasks
  • Sub-tasks
  • Comments
  • Files

Search in Goodwerp
Search view in Goodwerp


Notifications were part of the previous release as well, however they were providing limited information. With the Goodwerp Bamboo release, team-members get notified about several intricacies of the project management, such as:

  • when: a task they are assigned to [or] a task they have created [or] a task they have assigned to someone else —
    • gets checked
    • gets a comment
    • gets a sub-task
    • gets an attachment (file, note)
    • gets a date
  • Also they get notified when…
  • a List gets created/edited in a project they are a part of
  • they are bumped on a task
  • they are added on a new project/deal
  • an event gets created/edited

Notifications in Goodwerp
“red number box” on top of the notification button, represents the number of your personal un-seen notifications. Clicking on the notification button does not hide the total number of un-seen notifications. By clicking on specific notification, the total number of notifications is subtracted by one.

On the financial side of things, a team-member with a manager permission level gets notified when —

  • a new invoice is created
  • a new estimate is created
  • a new expense is created
  • a new payment is created
  • billed time & created invoice

Notifications are meant to keep everyone informed at all times, without the need to Email another team-member. A perfect example of this is the Bump feature, which allows you to, well, bump a team-member about something very important they have to get done. When you bump a team-member they get a notification within Goodwerp as well as an Email. Use your bumps sparingly.

Bump feature
Bumping someone on Goodwerp means notifying them via the in-app Notification system as well as sending them an Email about something important they have to get done.

Transferring tasks

In dynamic companies there are always fluctuations of staff from project to project. Also, there are times when a team-member is re-positioned in another project within the company, or maybe has even left the project/company all-together. Now imagine you are working on a large project and the leaving team-member has some 70+ tasks assigned to them. It would be quite a chore for you to re-assign those tasks to another team-member, one-by-one. With the new feature of “transferring tasks” you can reassign those 70-some tasks with a click of a button.

Transferring tasks in Goodwerp
Transferring tasks is achieved within a particular project and only between team-members that are part of that project.

Single List view

The page showing a single List has now been improved as well. One of the minor improvements within this area is the addition of the breadcrumb trail, which shows the structure of the Project the particular List belongs to (the same is valid for the page showing a single task). Below are elements that have been improved within the List page:

  • Completed tasks reside right below the active-tasks List. The completed tasks section has been re-designed in its own separate holder. This view is perfect when team-members want to concentrate on a single section of a particular project and don’t want to get distracted by other lists/tasks
  • A completed task can be activated and shown on the active-list section
  • On the completed tasks section, only tasks with a due-date have the visible date-icon

Single List view within Projects
The single list view offers a detailed look at a particular list, offering active and completed tasks — all within one view.

Share projects with clients

Up to now, new projects created on Goodwerp were automatically shared with the client. We understand that sometime there are projects that must be kept private. Now, with the new Goodwerp release, each new project is private by default. You can decide, via the edit modal screen, if you want to share it with the client or not.

Share projects with clients
Sharing projects with clients can be rolled back-and-forth at any time.

Private Lists

Even if you decide to share a project with a client, you can still restrict specific lists within that project. A List with a restricted access has a red lock next to the List name.

Lock icon within a project
The red lock icon on a particular list represents a List that is hidden from client’s view.

Toggling List restrictions is done via the Edit modal screen.

Restricting a client from having access to a particular list
You may restrict a client from viewing a particular list from the Edit List modal.

More info on modals

The robustness of Goodwerp requires for new clients and team-members to be informed about the more sophisticated features of the platform. Now, throughout each create/edit modal, you will find tiny [ i ] icons. Hovering above them will give you a sliding dialog-box giving you more information about that feature.

Info helpers within a modal screen throughout Goodwerp
Little info-icons can be found throughout various modals within Goodwerp. They are meant to help you decipher features that may need more explaining.

Invoice improvements

Our Invoicing section provides essential tools to bill clients, release estimates for new projects, add payments to issued invoices, and enter expenses (which you can relate to your projects). Few improvements were accomplished in this section as well. Below are few of the details.

Payment statuses

Invoice and payment statuses have been divided into two columns showcasing these two ideologically separate entities.

Invoice statuses: Email, draft, paid, and partial.

  • Invoice status provides information if the Invoice was sent to the client or it is still in the drafting stage.
  • The Invoice payment status shows information if the invoice is partially or fully paid.

World languages

This new feature, in addition to the Invoice Formatting feature below, is one of the biggest improvements to date in the financial section of Goodwerp. With the Bamboo release, you can issue Invoices in the following 12 world languages. The languages can be set separately for each client and can be rolled back without affecting any of the pre-existing data.

Various invoice Languages within Goodwerp

  • 12 Supported world languages
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portugese
  • Shqip
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Invoice Formatting

Even though our Goodwerp interface remains solely in International English with numbers being formatted in North American standard (1,500.00) — the way Invoices are printed and sent to client can be set in various formats from around the globe. Invoice formatting is set on your company level and it affects the way all Invoices are issued to your clients.

Invoice formatting of date, numbers, and currency.

Invoice formatting can affect:

  • Date format
  • Number format
  • Currency

Goodwerp Bamboo

This latest release of Goodwerp is the fastest and most optimized version of Goodwerp to date, featuring tools that are meant to help you better manage your projects, clients, teams, and ultimately your business. You may continue reading the next article that explains in detail what makes Goodwerp the worldwide standard solution for running a successful service business.

Help us spread the world about how Goodwerp is everything a service firms needs, in a neatly packaged solution.

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