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Embrace Love, Reject Rejection.

Written by Val Sopi on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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We beta-launched Goodwerp on August 29th, 2013. Since Day 1 we were able to generate visitors to our website from which 7–10% converted to registered users, a pretty solid industry standard. Luckily, we received our first paid subscriber 6-weeks after our beta-launch, coincidentally a few hours after my birthday. Visits, registrations, and payments always made us feel great, however one thing that we weren’t used to, were users that weren’t active on Goodwerp or deleted their accounts entirely. Some of them would leave a comment behind, others would not even reply to a simple “Hello!”. These things would hurt our feelings, even though we had a new payment on that very same day.

Rejection hurts

We would come up with every possible scenario why deleted users didn’t like Goodwerp, when in reality their decision might have had nothing to do with Goodwerp. Even though the amount of love we were receiving from our clients was higher compared to the indifferent/deleted users, we would still focus on why some users did not stick around.

“Visits, registrations, and payments always made us feel great, however one thing that we weren’t used to, were users that weren’t active on Goodwerp…”

I guess it’s human to focus on rejection. What rejection does, is raise numerous questions and inflicts self-reflection, which is Ok up to a certain extent, but not to the point where it completely blocks you out from focusing on what’s important.

Helpless advice

Someone may advise you on “how to deal with rejection”. To hell with that. Deal with rejection by seeking those that love you. Rejection doesn’t tell you anything. If rejection has anything to say, it would be how “you’re not good” and “possible ways” on how you can get better.

Double-down on Love

We’ve crossed our 1-year mark since our beta-launch and have grown exponentially and emotionally. While we still try to optimize Goodwerp so it converts even the most conservative of users, we no longer get distracted by rejection, and this is not a conscious effort. I’ve noticed now that we, as a team, naturally reject rejection and seek love instead.

“Deal with rejection by seeking those that love you.”

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We seek praise and positive feedback from every corner of the world. We double-down on the love we receive from our happy users and work extra-hard for these clients to love us even more. We listen to their needs and improve our platform based on their habits and workflow. By focusing on the positive we cultivate more of it. What this does in retrospect is increase the amount of love we receive from our current users and who could potentially refer Goodwerp passionately to their friends.

“...we work extra hard for clients who love us…”


Clearly, we will never be perfect. Clients that we help in their day-to-day operations and love us for trying really hard to make Goodwerp great, are the reason we are doing this. These feelings weren’t true a bit over a year ago, but today a +1 year later, we love clients that love us back & focus fully on making Goodwerp the best it can be, for them.

Holy grail

Our goal is to become the most used project-management software in the world and maybe this could be our key to success: Seeking Love. Try it out yourself, it might work for you. It’s working for us, so far.

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