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Drawing from Profound Insight for Creative Solutions

Written by Tyler Wetzel on Wednesday, October 02, 2013


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Our team here at Goodwerp draws from a body of knowledge from around the globe. Our skill set and innovative management structure allows us to easily tackle problems as they come. Each problem is addressed with an open mind. Sometimes even our personal experiences add to our solution. These suggestions can be attributed to something I’d like to call Profound Insight.

In the most basic terms, it means that you draw experiences from the environments you encounter. Each location, country, or culture contains something that was done differently or better then where you’re coming from. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that we are different, but seeing those differences and applying them to your work is something entirely separate. So when you address a problem it’s wise to look for solutions all over the world. You can’t confine yourself to one area’s mentality.

The Curious Case of Hotel Arberi

For example, I was conducting a study at a hotel in Kosovo. We were trying to map out all their cleaning processes, and hopefully make them faster. Using Lean concepts we reduced the amount of time that the workers spent shuffling around looking for supplies, but our best idea actually came from someone else - more on that in a bit.

I have delved into the concept before on here that everything we do is usually drawing from other’s work. We are hard coded to copy. It’s a wonderful way for our brains to process information.

In Greece, we stumbled upon a unique solution that a hotel was using to conserve power.

Therefore, to find more ideas/information we spent a week at various hotels in the Balkan region (Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, ect.) Each hotel yielded something useful that we hadn’t seen before. In Greece, we stumbled upon a unique solution that a hotel was using to conserve power. The swipe card that you used to enter your room also served as the activator for power. You would slip your card into a slot which would activate the power in the room. You couldn’t leave without removing the card from the slot. This saved the hotel thousands of dollars in electricity over the year. Thoroughly impressed we decided to use this nifty idea for the hotel in Kosovo. It worked wonderfully and has substantially reduced electricity costs.

Moreover, the solution for the cleaners was literally right in front of our faces - swipe cards. Using the same method as above for energy we implemented a system that would require cleaners to track their time as they clean a room. Each time they swiped the card for that particular room it would be recorded in a database. This not only allowed us to collect reliable data, but also let us consolidate materials by putting all supplies in central locations around the hotel based on which rooms were most often in use.

Our ideas were not original, they were modified versions of something that existed previously. That is Profound Insight working at it’s best. Problems are constantly being addressed around the globe. Many have been solved already. It’s just about seeing them. Escaping the world you know in order to grow is essential to creative solutions.

Goodwerp Diversity

Here at Goodwerp we have tried to keep an international mindset when approaching issues. Our team draws knowledge from a variety of personal experience from around the globe. Our backgrounds range from the United States, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. This outside perspective has really helped us overcome problems - braining storming on a level that few company’s possess. It’s profound insight through diversity.

Don’t feel confined to originality, patiently waiting for that eureka moment.

So if you’re struggling with ideas, don’t fret. Don’t feel confined to originality, patiently waiting for that eureka moment. The more you explore, the greater your understanding of how people think and react. Solutions to many of your problems can be solved with the help of your fellow man. Take a step back and remember that you are not alone. Most solutions are modifications of existing ideas. So my advice is to venture outside your comfort zone and learn from your predecessors.

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