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Designer Profile: Antonio Carusone

Written by Val Sopi on Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blue Inside and Red All Over

Photo by Antonio Carusone

During the past week we were honored to sponsor one of our favorite feeds on Design — AisleOne.

AisleOne has been around for quite some time and if you’re in the design industry, there’s a high chance you’ve known about it long before we have. The profoundly curated design feed is run by Antonio Carusone, a designer who moonlights as a photographer of these highly poetic scenes on Millimetr.

Photography: Antonio Carusone “Blue Inside and Red All Over”

If you love the job of a cinematographer, like I do, you’d find that Antonio exhibits those traits in his work and showcases dramatic vistas that are inviting and full of life.

Besides AisleOne, Antonio is the author of the Grid System which I highly recommend for anyone interested in proper layout taught from the masters. What makes the Grid website wonderful, is the sidebar resource on various sources of inspiration on Typography — a total must for your Bookmarks list.

Antonio is also part of Thinking for a Living, another great resource for anyone passionate about living through good design.

Thinking for a Living Website

On his profile on AisleOne website, Antonio lists his bio as “A father. A designer. A New Yorker.” — while I share two descriptive attributes with him (hint: I’m not a New Yorker) — I’m completely envious on how he manages to be all the things he is in Graphic Design. With so many design/lifestyle web-sites under his belt and a career as a design professional — he’s a true inspiration. Besides his professional endeavors, he still finds time to give back by sharing the wonderful works of other designers and creating value through his own work.

You can find out more about his work here.

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