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Cities With The Most Opportunities

Written by Val Sopi on Monday, September 15, 2014

London Underground Baker Street

Photo by David Mark

If you’re running a creative consultancy, from time to time you may feel like you’re hitting the ceiling in the immediate market you’re operating in. After all, breaking into world markets is easier than you might think. With a plethora of online tools at your disposal, it is easier than ever to reach a new potential client across the globe. Even if you’re currently not interested in doing so, keeping your options open for a potential new client wouldn’t hurt either.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published the 2014 report on Cities of Opportunity, which Lifehack summed it up nicely to narrow down your choices (as far as cities go, at least), 10 Cities Around the World With The most Job Opportunities.

You may say —“Well, I’m not looking for a job!” — I know that! However, if a place has a sudden spike in job opportunities, it means that the economy in that city might be hitting a hockey stick growth, which in retrospect it means that there will be more businesses looking for your services.

Top of the list

It seems London is hitting the mark in most of PwC’s criteria with New York City and Singapore right behind. Few of the criteria that sparked my interest as far as creative work goes are listed below.

Intellectual Capital and Innovation

Innovation could mean that new ideas are flourishing with companies being more open in trying new things. In this domain, US and Western Europe are leading the way with London clearly at the top.
Intellectual Capital and Innovation

Technology Readiness

A great indicator which could mean you’ll be working with interesting clients in the high-tech domain. Seoul ties London in this one with US, Western Europe, Japan, and Singapore standing strongly right behind the leader.
London: Techology ready city

Ease of Doing Business

Another great indicator that you’ll be dealing with faster processes of closing deals and delivering work. Southeast Asia is clearly leading the way in this one.
Ease of doing business in major world cities

For more about this PwC research and the full list of criteria upon which the article was based on, click here. Make sure to click on the unsuspecting link at the end of the article (View and share the indicator ratings).

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