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Brad Pitt Writes The Best Poem in the World

Written by Val Sopi on Monday, March 17, 2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Photo by Nils Sautter

You came to this article through a catchy title. You were hoping to find something truly unbelievable. Something so amazing that you can’t wait to share with your friends on Twitter. An article so utterly fascinating that you couldn’t stop telling your friends about. Yet, you came to a redundant article with stock photography and bunch of blabber that isn’t even grammatically correct.

I searched and searched, but couldn’t find more evidence why this is happening. Why you clicked on this Title, that is. I even tried consulting with Google about this phenomenon, but all Google could tell me was how to do it and not “what it is?”.

Actually there is evidence on who actually started this deceiving trend, but I’ll let you do the search as they don’t deserve a mention… or a click.

The worst part is that now some of the most amazing and respected mediums are using this trick to have you click through their website, and yet you and I are losing hope on journalism.

Seems like gone are the days when an Article Title was an intro to the rest of the story. This so-called Title suggested a promise and a contract that could not be broken. Being deceived by the Title was almost like being dumped and lied to. Yet, it is done every day. I was guilty of clicking on such titles. But, I stopped. One way I fight this is to to never click on any ‘unbelievable’ title again. Simply, I have few websites I trust that I read on weekly basis and I go straight to them. Similar like my father buys his daily newspaper. It’s not that he doesn’t use the internet. He does. But, he goes for the personal touch that the newspaper gives you and the newspaper never fights for your click.

…And you came through thinking that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split up. And then Brad wrote the best poem he could think of, got down on his knees, and tried to woo her back, while with pure confidence Angelina said “No!”. Poor Brad, you thought! Maybe you even thought “When did they even brake-up?”. Or maybe you didn’t, but you still clicked on that title. I’m guilty of having done the same.

Make this the last time you click on a title-bait. Lets mark an end to deceiving titles.

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