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Against All Odds

Written by Val Sopi on Friday, August 08, 2014


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A while back I was conversing with Ivo Spigel, one of the most insightful reporters on the European tech scene who also happens to write for We were discussing about few bigger players in the tech industry who are backed by millions in venture capital and have it much easier to reach out to the world. I was arguing how Goodwerp is much more interesting than any other outlet because of the amazing odds we’re up against and how we’re constantly coming up on top through word-of-mouth and inbound marketing efforts only. Most recent success: 1st page ranking in Google for “project management and invoicing” long-tail keyword. However, he said one thing, which stuck with me:

“[Founders/Companies] are not measured by the odds they are up against, but by the number of their customers and revenue.”

In plain english, what he meant was this: Regardless of the uphill battle you are fighting, reaching the top of the mountain is the only thing that counts, and rightfully so. No one will pay attention to the fight you’re fighting if you’re not moving ahead and succeeding, bit by bit.

You see, “excuses” are a disease that kill most businesses while those who make it through are the ones who see opportunities through the cracks and give real tangible value to their clients, time-and-again.

What about you? Are you making excuses or constantly finding creative ways to grow and flourish?

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