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A Threatening Change

Written by Val Sopi on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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It’s been a while since we last wrote a blog post. We’ve been so busy with the Lotus release (since August), that we’ve geared all our energies towards making Goodwerp the best it can possibly be. Obviously, this is always a struggle as on the way to perfection we’re always growing up in the process and things we have just done become obsolete a moment later and yet we have to rework everything. The good thing is that we love what we do, else we could drive ourselves insane as we tend to every little detail.

You see, we subscribe to the idea that things can always be better and not focus only on what sells. Selling anything is easier than offering something great. That’s a challenge we’d like to partake.

On Change

A major thanks goes to our clients who do not hesitate to request the most minute details within Goodwerp, which are making the application even more usable for a wide range of users. Of course, now that our user base has grown, it’s trickier to change things around, even if that little change is a major improvement. The struggle with this relies on the fact that re-learning could be painful even though things are working better as time goes by.

I remember when Facebook upgraded their design to the new Helvetica approach. Everyone was so mad, felt like people would leave Facebook en masse. Clearly, that did not happen. If you compare both of these versions closely enough you would see Facebook’s leaps in UI/UX from the previous design to the new one.

...trying to push things a bit beyond of what’s expected of us.

In comparing Goodwerp to Facebook I’m trying to point out how difficult the change can be sometimes even though it may be for the better. We (as internet users) tend to hold on to what we’re used to. Being served the same thing in a new way could pose a threat to our routine.


At times we are evolving so fast that we’re honestly afraid that our current clients may not be able to keep up with us. We’re finding refuge in the fact that things are getting better and inviting along everyone who’s up for this dynamic ride in creating the best project management software for creative agencies around the world.

Financial Freedom

Goodwerp is an international operation that was bootstrapped from the get go. There was no investor money involved, which helped us focus on our clients and listen to them directly. The struggles on the financial side helped us run a lean operation and come up with creative ideas on how to better accommodate Goodwerp to thousands of users. This approach helped us generate income 6 weeks immediately after launch. Now, through financial stability we’re able to offer a better product, grow our team, and plan ahead, from which the direct beneficiary is our client.


With this post, we wanted to say a quick Hi! and that we’re busy behind the scenes polishing up Goodwerp as much as know/can together with the unconditional feedback from our clients. We have an amazing 2015 planned ahead after a great 2014 of growing up, learning, and trying to push things a bit beyond of what’s expected of us.

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