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Our musings from around the web.

A Day in the Life of a SaaS Founder

From duties of a founder to staying sane.

You’re in a rut

And you need to get out.

Vince Vaughn breaks the Internet

Vince Vaughn and co-starts pose for silly stock photography.

How to Start Your Own Design Firm

How to start a design firm and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

A Threatening Change

Change is great if it's for the better. Getting used to it could pose a threat.


Buying a Halloween costume is so 2001.

A House With a View

A getaway with a purpose.

Quora roundup: Small Business

Hand-picked top-answers from Quora on the subject of "small-business"

Embrace Love, Reject Rejection.

Seek lovers, ignore haters.

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