Built with Love

Helping companies around the world.


Goodwerp was crafted to fulfill the needs of service firms around the world who want to run their operations from a single online platform. Frustrated by various options in the market that never connected well with one another and hundreds spent on monthly subscription plans, the team lead by Val Sopi, set out to build the next generation in project management software by building a platform that excels in the most essential aspects of running a successful business.

The Creative Force behind Goodwerp

Goodwerp team is made up of Product Architects, Designers, Software Engineers, SEO/SEM Consultants, and avid platform testers. We have built Goodwerp by relying on our multiple years of experience in project management. By carefully tending to each single detail, we have created an online software that is solving crucial business challenges for CEOs, project managers, creative directors, graphic designers, copywriters, web-developers, consultants, and in-house accountants.

Strategic Partners

In addition to our core team, we are assisted by a global network of engineers, developers, consultants, and advisors that help us oversee the overall quality of Goodwerp. Prior to providing us with their service and advice, these professionals have created a solid track record in creating online products. Through these partners we are able to implement the latest technologies, which assist us in deploying a solid platform for our global audience.

Join our team

We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who love to work on projects of global scale and are not afraid to fail by constantly building innovative solutions towards our ever-changing challenges and opportunities. We are not limited to a physical locale & you could be working from anywhere in the world. Give us a shout if you're up for the task.