Manage time spent on a specific project.

Time section gives you the ability to see everyone’s time.

Time within a specific project

Through this section, you can:

  • Add new time-entries
  • Edit existing ones
  • Bill time
  • Search time
  • Add new time categories
  • Review total and billed time

Adding time entries

To add/edit a time-entry, click on the ‘cog’ icon (to the right of a specific time-entry).

Edit time-entry within a specific project

In addition, you can add Time categories right from the time-entry modal.

Time entry categories

Billing time

To bill your client for the time spent on a project, select multiple time-entries and hit the ‘Bill Selected’ button.

Bill time within a specific project

Through the Invoice modal, you can add additional information about the time you are billing.

Accumulated hours

The total amount of hours is automatically calculated to reflect your selection.

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