Managing your team’s project access, hourly-rate, activity, and their entire task load.

Team section within a specific Project showcases everyone involved in the project.

Team within Goodwerp Studio Manager

Through this section you can:

  • View everyone involved in the project
  • See everyone’s completion rate within the specific project
  • Entirely transfer someone’s tasks to another team-member

Transferring tasks

To transfer your team-member’s tasks to someone else, hit the ‘intertwining-arrows’ icon on the top-right corner of the team-member’s card.

Team card

A pop-modal will appear, which gives you the option to whom you want the tasks transferred to.

Transferring tasks within a specific project in Goodwerp Studio Manager

Transferring tasks is an irreversible process. It is best suitable for when a team-member leaves a project. It gives you the ability to transfer dozens of tasks within a second (without having to manually re-assign each task to the new team-member).

Editing team-member’s details

Even though people-management global options are available through the People section, the Team section within a specific Project gives you similar possibilities.

Managing a person through the Team section in Projects within Goodwerp Studio Manager

The pop-up modal can be accessed by clicking on the ‘cog’ icon on the top-right corner of the team-member’s card.

Through here, you can:

  • Rename your team-member
  • Change your team-member’s permission level (role)
  • Set projects in which your team-member is involved
  • Set team-member’s hourly-rate valid for that specific project
  • Make Inactive or completely Delete your team-member

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