A robust approach to task management.

Tasks in Studio Manager are tracked to optimize the performance of your team.

Extended Tasks

Creating Tasks

To create a task, click on the ‘New task’ blue link at the bottom of a List.

Add new task

Write your new Task and hit ‘Enter/Return’. This will append your new Task to the bottom of the List.

Mid-way Tasks

You can also create new Tasks mid-way on a List. Click on any Task and hit ‘Enter/Return’ to create a new blank row for your new Task.

Adding Tasks mid-way

You can rapidly add multiple tasks simply by writing the task and hitting Enter after each line.

Assigning Tasks

Assign a team-member to a task by clicking on the ‘person’ icon to the far right of the Task.

Assign a task

After delegating the task, your team-member will receive a real-time notification about the new assignment.

The color-coded dots represent the level of “busyness” of a particular team-member:

  • Green = Less than 20 Tasks (across projects)
  • Orange = Up to 50 Tasks
  • Red = More than 50 Tasks

You can review your team-member’s entire Task load through the Overview section.

Set a due-date on a task

Setting a due-date on a task will notify in real-time the Task assignee about the date change.

Set due-date on a task

Tasks with dates appear on Project Calendar as well as the Global one.

Color-coded dates represent the following:

  • Red = Task is past-due
  • Green = Task is due today
  • Gray = Task is due sometime after today

You can review Tasks by date (across all Projects), through the Overview section.

Bumping someone

If you have an urgent Task at hand, you can ‘Bump’ a team-member by clicking on the ‘target’ icon (advanced tasks section).

Bump tasks

‘Bumping’ someone will trigger a real-time notification. The person being ‘Bumped’ will immediately receive a cold-hard Email about that particular task.

Add Sub-tasks

You can add multiple sub-tasks to a task.


Subtasks give you granular control over the main Task.

Commenting (Attaching Files/Notes) on a Task

You can carry on a conversation on a task-level. Each time you leave a comment, other team-members involved in that particular task will receive a notification in real-time.


Also, you can attach Notes and Files which will appear in a linear fashion as you comment on a task with your team-members.

Task notifications

Interacting with a task will notify, in real-time, all people involved in that particular task (Task creator, Task assigner, and Task assignee).

Task notifications

You can interact with a specific Task in a few ways:

  • Leave a comment
  • Upload a file
  • Share a note
  • Change the date of the task

All these interactions will trigger a real-time notification to your team-members.

Time tracking

Besides the Time section within a Project, you can track time on project basis.


The Time-tracking feature continues indefinitely until it is stopped/paused purposefully. Navigating to other pages, will not affect its continuity.

To submit your hours, click on the ‘Add Time’ button to the left of the time-tracker.

Add time-tracking

Through this modal you can further adjust your time entry.

Only ‘Admin/Manager’ permission roles can post Time for others in the team (i.e.: change Staff drop-down).

Filtering tasks

You can filter your entire Project by showing Tasks belonging to one team-member.

Filter tasks by person

This is best suited for projects with numerous processes and multiple team-members. Likewise, through this function, a team-member may choose to view their tasks only.

Printing Tasks

For meetings that still require analog means, ‘Print Tasks’ comes to the rescue.

This function can be utilized by clicking on the ‘printer’ icon located at the top-right corner of the Tasks section.

Print tasks

Single task

To isolate a task from everything else and view it on a single screen, click on the ‘right arrow’ icon to the far-right of a Task.

Single task view

Through here, you can share Task’s unique URL with anyone else in your team.

Completed Tasks

This section shows all Tasks that were already completed, categorized by the date of their completion.

Completed tasks

To activate a Task, simply un-check the tick mark. Your team-member that is assigned to the Task will receive a real-time notification.

Continue reading about Lists and how they relate to Tasks.

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