Lists give you the ability to control your task-flow within a project.


Lists can be used as:

  • Milestones (Lists with a date-range)
  • Processes/Kanban (In Progress, Doing, Done)
  • Department based Task holders (Design, Development, QA)
  • Any other way that fits your workflow

Creating and editing a List

To create a new List, click the ‘New List’ button. A blank new list will be created immediately, awaiting your new tasks.

Create a new list

To add more detail to a List, click the ‘cog’ icon located at the top-right corner of the List.

Editing a task list within a project

Through here, you can:

  • Change From/To dates of the List
    Lists with dates appear on the Project Calendar

  • Change List Project from the drop-down
    Upon clicking ‘Update’ this will transfer the task to that particular project

  • Mark a List complete
    This will complete all underlying Tasks that belong to this Particular List. Also, the List will be hidden from view. To access “Completed/Hidden” Lists, click on the ‘Completed Lists’ link on the bottom-right corner, below the very last List.

  • Restrict client
    Even though your client may have access to the entire Project, you can still restrict them from specific Lists.

Additionally, each List contains bits of ‘information’ icons to help you with each function on the fly.

More info on lists

Private Lists

These are best suited for times when you are sharing a Project with a client, but still need to internalize a few private Tasks with your team.

Private lists

Private Lists are hidden away from your ‘Clients’ and ‘Consultants’.

Single List view

You can isolate a List from everything else and view all its contents on a single view.

This helps you review completed tasks within that List and only interact with elements that belong to that particular List.

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