Tasks and Lists are optimized to empower you and your team.

Tasks give you the ability to manage your projects with ease via multiple flexible functionalities which you can utilize to your advantage.

Project Tasks in Goodwerp Studio Manager

Through this section, you can:

  • Rapidly create new Tasks
  • Add tasks mid-way on the List
  • Re-arrange Tasks within their List or drag them to another List in the project
  • Set a due-date on a Task
  • Assign/delegate tasks to someone else on your team

As well as:

  • Create new Lists with a single click
  • Set a date-range on a List (Milestones)
  • Transfer Lists to other Projects

Extented features

You can use basic features or delegate with granular details.

Extended task and lists features

Through extended features you can:

  • Create private Lists
  • Upload/share files with others
  • Attach existing Notes (created in Studio Manager)
  • Create sub-tasks
  • Comment on a Task
  • Bump/nudge someone about a pressing task

Advanced Tasks

Tasks in Studio Manager are designed to keep everyone accountable about their responsibilities.

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