Review all your date sensitive items within a project.

Calendar section gives you the ability to track all date-specific events.

Calendar section within a project

Through this section, you can:

  • Change task dates by dragging them to a differnet cell/date
  • Extend/shorten the Milestone by dragging its left/right sides
  • Move an entire Milestone to a different date-range
  • Add/edit/delete events

Each item is color coded

  • Tasks = Blue
  • Lists/Milestones = Green
  • Events = Orange

Adding events

To add a new Event, click on any cell within the Calendar. A pop-up modal will appear, through which you can add your Event details.

Add event within the calendar

You can also view the Calendar for the entire month

Calendar month view within a project

As well as its daily representation

Calendar daily view

Project-specific Calendar items are also visible within the Global Calendar, where you can see the calendar for your entire company.

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