Monitoring the health of the project, hours spent, expenses, and income.

Budget section gives you the ability to foresee how your project is performing.

Project Budget within Goodwerp Studio Manager

Through this section, you can:

  • View your team’s hours spent on the project
  • Evaluate any pitfalls within the planned budget
  • Add expenses for the project
  • Issue invoices for this particular project

Expenses within the Budget section

You can add Project-specific Expenses and create new Invoices, right from the Budget section.

Expenses and invoices from the Budget section in Goodwerp Studio Manager

Click the “New Expense” button to record the expense. This will update your budget in real-time.

Add new expense within the budget section in Goodwerp Studio manager

Invoices within the Budget section

To create a new Invoice, click the ‘New Invoice’ green button towards the end of the Budget section.

New invoice within the budget section

From the Invoice modal, insert your necessary attributes to create the invoice.

You can also set and change global invoice formatting, right from the Budget section.

Invoice formatting from the Budget section

Formatting is most useful when you first start using Studio Manager, as well as once you need to update your company information such as: business registration number, date formatting, currency, and logo that appears on the top-right corner of your invoice.

Send invoice via email within the Budget section

Once the invoice is created you can:

  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Print
  • Enter Payment
  • Send to Client via Email
  • and Delete your invoice

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