All Projects

Create multiple Projects and make them accessible to your team-members and clients.

Projects section gives you the ability to navigate to each particular project.

Projects in Goodwerp Studio Manager

Through this section, you can review:

  • People involved in the project
  • Current outstanding tasks in each project
  • Project progress
  • Project dates and descriptions

Creating a new project

To create a new project, click the ‘New Project; green button.

A pop-up modal with basic fields will appear.

Through the modal you can enter:

  • Project name
  • Select people involved in the project
  • Add project description

Creating a new project in Goodwerp Studio Manager

To access more advanced fields, click the ‘More Options’ button at the end of the fields within the modal.

More options when starting a project

‘More options’ offer the following possibilities:

  • Enter Project budget
  • Build the new Project based on a pre-existing Project Template
  • Project start/closing dates
  • Submodules you want to utilize
  • Sharing (or not) the project with your client

Archived projects

Archived projects do not count against your subscription limit. They are hidden away from direct access. To use them again, “Activate” them from the pop-up modal (accessed via ‘cog’ icon).

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