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Who is Studio Manager™ for?

Studio Manager™ is a great fit for creative agencies, design & architecture firms, solo-entrepreneurs, and marketing companies ranging from 1 to 30 people who manage their own projects, invoice their clients, and work with other team-members. Even though any service company may utilize the benefits of Studio Manager™, our clients tend to fall into the two above-mentioned categories.

What technical expertise is required to use Studio Manager™?

Studio Manager™'s user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. A unified theme across all sections helps with the onboarding process for everyone in your team. If your team-member can use Email, they can use Studio Manager™. However, if you require specific training, we’re here to help. Simply drop us an Email at and someone from our staff will walk you through the application.

Does Studio Manager™ require any specific installation?

Studio Manager™ can be accessed using any modern browser. There are no installations involved and you can use the application from anywhere in the world using a computer, a web-browser, and an internet connection.

Can I view tasks belonging to me only?

Yes. You can view your tasks only under "My Tasks" section within Studio Manager™. Your tasks can be further filtered by "Tasks Due", "Recently Delegated to me", "Created by me", "Completed by me", and "by Project". In addition, your tasks are marked with an orange tag holding your name.

Does Studio Manager™ offer time-tracking features?

Yes, it does! You can utilize the time-tracking feature within a specific project or under "Timers" section. After activating it, time-tracker will run for as long as you keep it running. You may simply close your browser window and come back at a later time to see your active timers.

How do I re-notify a team-member about a past-due task without calling or emailing them?

In Studio Manager™ you can "bump" a team-member by simply clicking the "plus" icon within a specific task and hitting the "bump" button (target icon). Your team-member will receive a real-time notification and an Email. Another quick hack is to re-assign your team-member to the task, which will trigger a real-time notification sent to them.

Can I request a new feature?

We love feature requests and constantly receive new ones from our clients. To request a new feature, simply write us through the "Support" section within Studio Manager™ or Email us at with thoughts on how this new feature will positively affect your workflow. The way a new feature is brought to life is if a substantial amount of clients request it, or we see it as a beneficial addition to Studio Manager™, without overwhelming the current user experience.

Can I issue invoices using other world currencies?

Yes. You can pick any world currency by visiting the "Formatting" page within the "Finance" section where you'll be able to change your invoice settings.

Can I customize Invoices & Estimates using our company’s logo?

You can upload your company's logo by visiting the "Formatting" page with the "Finance" section and upload a new logo for your company. Your newly uploaded logo will appear on all your new Invoices and Estimates.

How do real-time notifications work in Studio Manager™?

Studio Manager™ notifies each team-member with real-time notifications (top-right corner "comment/bold icon" within the app). These notifications work similar to notifications in major social media (Twitter, Facebook). Each user is notified within a minute about something new that has happened in a project/task they are a part of.

What happens to 100’s of tasks assigned to someone when they leave the company?

If someone leaves your company and they have 100’s of tasks assigned to them, you may easily transfer them to another team-member. To do so, visit the "Team" section within a project and click the "intertwining-arrow" on the top-right corner of the person whose tasks you want transferred. From here, you can transfer tasks to anyone within that same project.

Can Studio Manager™ be used by companies that are not “Creative Agencies”?

Certainly! Studio Manager™ can be used by any company that works with a team, offers a service, and bills their clients for those services.

What happens if I delete a Client-company in Studio Manager™?

Deleting a Client-company in Goodwerp does not delete any projects, deals, or financial elements associated with that client. By deleting a Client-company you are simply removing them from Studio Manager™ and keeping their associated entities intact.

What happens if I delete a user from my company?

After deleting a user from your company you may no longer assign them to projects or tasks. Anything associated with them will still remain as such (projects, tasks). If you want to bring them back, you can re-invite them using the same Email address they were using while active.

Does Studio Manager™ integrate with any third-party products?

Yes. Goodwerp integrates well with leading cloud storage products such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Authorization is done per user basis where each user authorizes their own account to connect with Goodwerp and choose which files to share with the rest of their team.

Can I host Studio Manager™ on our servers?

Studio Manager™ is served in the cloud and does not offer a self-hosted version. By serving Studio Manager™ from our servers we can assure redundant updates equally for all our clients. We take your privacy seriously. Read more about how we secure your data.

How much does Studio Manager™ cost?

Studio Manager™ prices are based on the number of active projects you may run at any given time. Check out our Pricing page for details on our monthly subscription plans.

How can I pay for Studio Manager™?

You can pay for your Studio Manager™ monthly subscription plan using any of the major credit cards. Payments are completed online via the "Account" section in Studio Manager™. Your payments are secure and managed via Stripe. We store no details of your credit card. Your payment is made instantly so you can continue using Studio Manager™ with its full benefits.

Does Studio Manager™ offer a Free version?

Studio Manager™ does not offer an open-ended free version. Upon registration you receive 21-days to test and trial all aspects of the platform, after which you can upgrade for only $35/month. Goodwerp INC is a self-funded private company with no outside investments. In order to continually upgrade the platform with the latest technologies, it needs to run on a sustainable business model. Read an in-depth account on why we parted ways with our free offering.

What does Studio Manager™ offer during the Free Trial period?

During the 21-day trial period you can use all benefits and features of a paid plan. We believe, this is a perfect way for trying out the platform and seeing if Studio Manager™ is a good fit for you and your team.

Can I access Studio Manager™ through a smartphone?

Studio Manager™ is an all-in-one solution meant to help teams big and small to manage their day-to-day operations. As such, the build itself is specifically made for desktop/laptop use, so you and your team can utilize its full features while working at your desks only.

Can I create Project Templates?

Yes. You can create as many Project Templates as you need. Likewise, with a click of a button you can turn any template into a new Project.

I still have a question. How do I contact you?

Send us an email to and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

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