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Permission Levels inside of Goodwerp

Written by Val Sopi on Wednesday, October 09, 2013

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Goodwerp was built around the philosophy of openness and transparency. The platform is perfect for teams that are open to share information with everyone in the crew. We believe that this approach helps teams innovate more and generate new ideas that lead to successful outcomes.


Users belonging to the management status have access to all modules within Goodwerp. They can chat, edit company information, invite new crew members, invoice clients, view financial data, and generate reports.

A team-member with a Management Status can be omitted from a certain project, which only means that they cannot be assigned tasks on that particular project, but they can still view everything that is going on in that project. This permission level is made specifically for firm principals, creative directors, project managers, account managers, and the like.


Crew permission level has access only to projects they are assigned to. They have no access to the Finance module and cannot edit company data. Team-members assigned to Crew have the ability to invite new individuals, but can only assign new members to Crew, Consultant, and Client permission levels. Global chat is within reach and fully open for this permission level. Graphic designers and junior permanent staff usually belong to this permission level.


Consultant level is designed for temp crew members you bring on board once in a while. Freelancers is what comes to mind first. These individuals could also be crew members that you are currently testing to bring onboard and move up on the permission level. Consultants have access only on projects they are specifically assigned to, without the access on the company global chat (Check out some key Goodwerp features and benefits). Also, Consultant access level does not have the ability to invite new people.


Clients are a special breed within Goodwerp. A user with a Client permission level has access only to projects their company is assigned to. In other words, once you create a new project, the client company that the project belongs to, automatically gives access to the client (person) that is part of that company. Similar to the Consultant level, the Client permission level has cannot chat, access the Finance module, or edit company data.

In a Nutshell

Even though some permission levels do not have access to the Global Chat module, they can still use the Discussion tab within the project they are assigned to, no matter their access level limits.

All above permissions are better illustrated with the table below.

StatusProjectsChatFinanceCo. Edit
CrewAssigned onlyYes--
ConsultantAssigned only---
ClientAssigned only---

Permission levels are highly flexible. All users can be moved around permission levels regardless of their current status. In other words if a graphic designer is promoted into more managerial duties of a creative director, they can be moved above from the Crew permission level into that of a Management, so they can have a better view of the global operations within the company.

Above all, the account holder in Goodwerp has the Management status and is the only person in the company that has access to Upgrades sections. Also, s/he is the only one who can upgrade/downgrade their Goodwerp account.

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