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How a 5-step Checklist Saved 1,500 Lives

Written by Val Sopi on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Back in 2004, 9 hospitals in Michigan started implementing a new procedure that cut the rate of new infections by a staggering 66%!

On top of it all, it saved 1,500 lives in just a year and a half.

The steps that were part of this famous checklist were standard procedure. However, they weren’t implemented until this checklist, pioneered by Dr. Peter Pronovost, came along,

There were no innovations of any kind, just simple steps and standard procedures that were usually avoided in 30% of the patients, which lead to other major complication.

Read more about the power of never skipping steps (by James Clear).

Now, we know lives don’t depend on our work, but does your team have a checklist for standard procedures?

The beauty of following simple steps is that the work gets done faster (sometimes even on autopilot, for mindless tasks), and we get to go home earlier.

In Studio Mangerâ„¢, you can create Project Templates, which you can repeat and re-publish as need be.

Here’s a quick private video on YouTube Channel on how to do just that.

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